Kentucky Ridge Runner Bluegrass Festival  & Clarence Kelly Homecoming ~

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  • Greg Cantrell 9 years ago

    I remember Dave Evans back in the 70’s coming to South Bloomfield ,Ohio at Edie Bee’s Bluegrass tavern. He,Dave, could cut down on that Willow Garden and Barbara Allen like no other I have ever heard. So many times I remember Dave Evans and Wayne Lewis coming into Edie’s and would sit in a session or two….. Sure brings back some great memories..

  • Mike Daniels 9 years ago

    Greg I would have loved to have been around during that time to be able to see and hear what was being done!

  • Stevie Hall 9 years ago

    dave is in bad shape i hope the one,s who pray please remember him God-Bless

  • Greg L Cantrell 9 years ago

    Yes Steve,we all need to offer our prayers for our ol buddy Dave Evans. He has made a big path through bluegrass music of which will never be forgotten.He stil has much more to offer to the business…. Also Mike,t is also not to go unsaid Mike,while you were with Hylo,you have made plenty of track of your own. One thing I do wish is someone would take it upon themselves to write a good book with a collection of photos in accompainment of the life of Bluegrass music on High St & Parsons Ave in Cols,Oh. It would fly off the book shelves.

  • Stevie Hall 9 years ago

    yea he love,s it he had a bag around his leg over ther been a lot of people they would have complained and just stayed home he,s a tough one lol

  • Mike Daniels 9 years ago

    Thanks Greg for the nice words and compliment about my time with Hylo. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to work with him for so many years and to learn from him. Working for him opened alot of doors and I made some lifelong friends in the business. He was one of a kind and I really miss him and our time on the road listening to those old stories. The only thing I did was try to back him and make him sound as good as I could. My contributions were small but I had an awesome time as a Timberliner!

  • Joe Smith 6 years ago

    This man is a national treasure and the audience couldn’t even shut the hell up.

  • I Dig Bluegrass 6 years ago

    I agree with you Joe. Unfortunately you see this sort of thing all the time.