Flannery’s Dream is an old time fiddle tune by Sanford Kelly (Father of Clarence Kelly). Ricky Skaggs called this song The Son Of Hobart.

Foggy Valley Farm Bluegrass Festival 2013 Hillsboro, Kentucky

Sound System Provided by Brian Cooper

An I Dig Bluegrass Video by David Slone

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  • David Slone 6 years ago

    I have listened to this video 4 times in a row this morning. Love it! Imagine the music that Clarence Kelly grew up hearing. AND by the way did you know that Clarence’s first guitar was a Silvertone and his dad traded 6 ducks for it? True.

  • Ellen Kearney 6 years ago

    Jesse, you’re the best.

  • John Harrod 6 years ago

    Don’t think he wrote it. It was around. But he maybe played the definitive version of it. That is until Jesse.