Clarence Kelly and Nu-Cut Road at the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Festival in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

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Special thanks goes to Julie and Campbell Mercer for all the hard work they put into making the Jerusalem Ridge Festival such a great experience for all of us!

“When Clarence Kelly writes a song it is very often much more than just a song, it is a beautiful story that touches the hearts of those who hear it. This is such a song. It really struck home with me because I once went back to a special place that I had missed for many years only to find that it didnt exist any more, at least not on a map, the town had changed so much and where I once knew everybody I was almost a stranger. I found that the old home town still existed in my mind but I could not go there using any road” David Slone

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  • Chris Montgomery 4 years ago

    Clarence Kelly is one great songwriter and performer.