Live at the Carter County Shrine Bluegrass Festival in 2007

Thanks to Allen “Styx” Hicks and James Stiltner for the video.

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Kentucky Mountain Trio Only Child

Kentucky Mountain Trio Why Not Today?

1. Pressed Through The Crowd
2. What WIll I Give To Jesus?
3. Beulah Land
4. Pathin’ It Up
5. What A Prayer Can Do
6. I Know Why
7. Blood Of The Lamb
8. Somebody’s Praying
9. Prayer For Peace
10. Go Rest High On That Mountain
11. I’ll Stick With The Old Stuff
12 God Loves His Children
13. He’s the Same God
14. Why Not Today?

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Kentucky Mountain Trio I Knew He Would

1. If You Don’t Love Your Neighbor
2. So Much to Thank Him For
3. That Soldier Was Me
4. He Saw It All
5. Stand Up For God
6. Welcome Home
7. God Can
8. Come Back to Me
9. It Took a Man Like That
10. Im Going Home
11. You Don’t Have to Go Home
12. I Knew He Would

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